Rhyming Treasure Hunt Clue Ideas

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Treasure hunts are games where the players must find treasure, usually toys or candy, based on clues. This game works well with pirate-themed parties or Easter. Turn your Easter egg hunt into a treasure hunt by providing clues in plastic eggs. Treasure hunt clues should come in the form of rhyming clues. Every piece of treasure should have a rhyming clue leading to the next.


Hidden Under a Tree

When hosting an outdoor treasure hunt, the bases of trees make good hiding places. If you are hiding candy, the shade keeps the sun from damaging the candy. It also does a good job of hiding tool marks, if you have buried your treasure. If you do bury treasure, be sure your treasure hunt players are aware that they will be digging ahead of time or add the line "Here ye treasure be buried." at the end of your rhyming clue.


Video of the Day

My wrinkly skin is like a dog talking I am long-lived, but ye never catch me walking On a hot day, I give you a cool seat Come sit there now and find what you seek

Under a Bed

Indoor treasure hunts offer more hiding places. Be careful not to hide treasure near breakable objects if you are hosting a child's treasure hunt. Out-of-the-way places, such as under beds, are safest.


Here, that swashbuckler (insert name of bed's owner) sleeps You won't find any treasure betwixt his sheets Of old dirty socks, you'll follow the smell And find your booty where the monsters dwell

In a Drawer

I am the place where the (name item in drawer) dwells I'm smaller than a closet and better than shelves I hold odds and ends whenever you need me Open me up and your treasure you will see


In a Mailbox

A mailbox can be a convenient place to hide treasure in a treasure hunt. However, do not direct children who are apt to run excitedly into the nearby street with a clue. In addition, do not hide treasure in the mailbox if you are expecting a postal worker around the time of your treasure hunt.


You could always send a bottled message in the sea If you want to send it the landlubber way, give it to me I'll give you letters and cards, whatever your pleasure Today, I will even give you treasure!

Any Hiding Spot

For this clue, you will need to name an object within two steps of your hidden treasure.


Get (Name your object) within sight Search around me with all your might Be careful, your treasure will only avoid detection When you take more than two steps in any direction



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