Ideas for a 1-Year Old's Birthday

A child's first birthday party is a big deal for parents. Reaching this milestone is an accomplishment for new parents. It takes a lot of work to guide a baby through her first year. Many friends and family members would be happy to share in the joy of celebrating your child's first birthday. Parents can celebrate a 1-year-old's birthday at home, with a small celebration or with a larger party in a baby and toddler-friendly location. Decide on a theme, activities and food to have at the party to make the event enjoyable for your baby and any party guests.

First birthday parties are more for parents than the baby.

Ways to Celebrate

A first birthday celebration can take any number of forms. You could have a small party at home, with immediate family members only. A smaller house party with a few friends and family members is another celebration option. You could also throw a party away from the home, at an indoor or outdoor park park, kid's gym or music class, a local recreation center or at a museum or other amusement center designed for young children and babies.


Choose a theme based on the interests of the baby or parents. Some 1-year-olds have a favorite television show that would make a good theme for a party. If there are no special preferences, then the season in which the baby was born can help determine the theme. Use a pool theme in summer, or a holiday theme during the holiday season. You can also use colors for a theme, such as a black and white party or primary color party.

Games and Activities

Choose games and activities for the party that the 1-year-old can enjoy. This may make some of the events hard for parents and older children to play, but the party is for the baby. Ring around the Rosie is a game that walking 1-year-olds like. Give the children at the party musical instruments and lead them in a parade around the house or yard. Play kid's music or party music and let the children and babies dance. Fill up a plastic pool with large plastic balls and allow the children to play in the pit.


The food at a 1-year-old's birthday party should appeal to a baby's palate. Supply the food line with small finger foods that a child can eat, such as small fruit and vegetable pieces, dry cereal, small meat cubes, cubed cheese and non-messy foods that babies can eat.