Buffet Style Finger Foods

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Buffets offer several types of finger foods.

Finger foods are bite-size appetizers or entrees eaten without the use of a fork, spoon or knife. They are common at buffet-style gatherings, as small foods allow your guests to mix and match. However, not all finger foods are easy to prepare in the large amounts required to fill a buffet platter. Select easy-to-prepare finger foods so you can make large batches quickly, without a mess or excessive ingredients.


Chicken Bites

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Breaded chicken bites are easy to make in large, buffet-style batches. Breaded chicken is mess-free, making it an ideal finger food. Chop raw, boneless chicken breast into bite-size pieces and coat with mayonnaise. Roll the coated chicken in breadcrumbs and bake in the oven at 400 degrees F until the juices run clear. Provide buffet guests with different dipping sauces for the chicken bites to suit their preferences.

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Sliced Sandwichs and Wraps

Sandwich and wrap slices work well as a finger food for your guests. Make different sandwiches and wraps with lunch meats, cheeses, vegetables and condiments on soft, fresh bread or tortillas. Use a sharp knife to cut the wraps or sandwiches into bite-size pieces. Stick each bite-size piece with a toothpick and serve on a platter.


Open-Faced Sandwiches

Mini open-faced sandwiches, served on toasted slices of French bread, are simple to make in mass and work well as a finger food. Slice a small French bread roll into several thin slices with a sharp knife and toast in a broiler. Layer meat and cheese on top of the toasted French bread and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Place the slices back in the broiler for 30 seconds to melt the cheese and prevent the toppings from falling off the open-face sandwiches.


Chopped Fruits and Vegetables

Chopped fruit and vegetables are a cost-effective, simple buffet finger food to serve. Select a wide variety of fruits or vegetables and wash thoroughly. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin as necessary. Slice the fruits or vegetables into 1-inch cubes and arrange them on a large platter. Stick each fruit or vegetable slice with a toothpick before serving. Consider sprinkling the fruit cubes with sugar and providing dips for the vegetables.


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