Birthday Party Ideas for a 78-Year-Old

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Parties for a 78-year-old's birthday are fun and relaxing.

Life is reason to celebrate and every birthday is the passing of a new year. People celebrate milestone birthdays, such as their 50th, 80th, and even their 100th, but other people find every birthday a reason to celebrate. When hosting a celebration of the life of a 78-year-old friend or relative, consider the interests and physical abilities of the guest of honor.


A Walk Down Memory Lane

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This party theme relives the life of the celebrated 78-year-old birthday guest of honor. Invite family and friends who span the lifetime of the birthday person. Ask for any memories or pictures to be spared, and make a "memory walk." A memory walk will include short stories, pictures and individuals from the person's life in a line from the entrance to the main table or seat. Invite individuals of all ages to the party to represent every part of the birthday person's life.

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Decade Party

Hold a decade party for the past eight decades. Decorate the party room with representations from each decade. Use some representations that would make the person's favorite decorations, such as a favorite childhood toy, a record of a favorite teenage pop group and a piece of memorabilia from his alma mater. Play music representing the life span of the individual, and display movie posters from each decade.


Kid's Birthday Party

For a joyous, youthful 78-year-old person, host a kid's party. Find out what games the guest of honor may have played at her fifth birthday party, and copy those games. Be mindful regarding the physical limitations of the party attendees, but keep in mind that emulating the games and themes of the past will make a 78-year-old's party feel young and vibrant.


Costume Party

Host a costume party for the 78-year-old celebrator. Choose a decade from the life of the guest of honor or choose a favorite theme, such as a medieval or Halloween theme. Play games relating to the costumes, host a dance arranged around the costumes and serve period food. This theme is built around the interests of the guest of honor and celebrates the unique enjoyment he derives from it.



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