Souvenir Suggestions for Class Reunions

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Hand out souvenir gear printed with your school colors and team mascot.

Many class reunion organizers make plans to give the attendees souvenirs of the occasion. Some sell souvenir items as a fund-raiser to help defray the costs of the reunion, and others give them out free in reunion "goody bags." You can provide a wide array of reunion keepsakes, from practical gifts to items chosen primarily for their nostalgic value. For even more impact, have the souvenirs imprinted with your school name, class year, mascot or slogan if possible.


Personalized Gear

Lots of businesses or websites will print whatever you like on just about anything you can imagine, so take advantage of this service for your reunion souvenirs. Order pencils with your school slogan or T-shirts imprinted with the official class photo. Give out mugs that feature the school mascot or flip-flops in the school colors with the team logo on the straps. Hand out candy bars rewrapped with labels specially printed with the lyrics to your school fight song.


Video of the Day

Photo Op

Many reunions feature a slide show composed of old photos from the years your class was in school. These days, the "slide" show is far more likely to be a computer PowerPoint presentation; burn the photos onto computer CDs and send one home with each attendee. Have everyone pose for a new class picture at the beginning of the reunion, have the photo developed and printed at a one-hour photo store and hand out copies as the guests leave.



Hand out items that were popular during your graduating year. For example, if you graduated in the 1970s, give leg warmers to the women and "gold" medallions and chains to the men; if you graduated in the 90s, pass out hair scrunchies and big sunglasses. Your former classmates will appreciate retro posters from hit movies as well as CDs containing the Top 100 pop hits from your graduation year.


Information Please

Many old friendships are renewed at class reunions, so give a souvenir gift that will help people keep in touch once the party is over. Distribute a class directory that includes each guest's yearbook photo, current photo and contact information. Set up a class website where you can exchange news and notes, and have refrigerator magnets and bookmarks made up featuring the site name. The site will serve two purposes: helping everyone stay connected and making it easier to plan the next class reunion.



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