Diaper Party Ideas for Soon-to-Be Fathers

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Throw a diaper shower that the guys will love.

A diaper shower is similar to a baby shower; however, instead of guests bringing clothes and accessories for the baby, they bring bags of diapers. Diaper showers are growing in popularity, especially among men who are less inclined to throw, or take part in, a traditional baby shower. An all-male diaper shower can be a lot of fun when tailored to the interests of the men who will be attending.



Most women have baby showers in someone's living room so they can play silly games and spend hours opening and admiring gifts for the baby. This probably seems less than appealing to most men, so consider locations that are more guy-friendly. Examples include a backyard, sports bar or a friend's basement with a billiards table, foosball table and/or a dart board. Alternatively, you may want to go somewhere with your friends, such as a golf course or bowling alley.


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Food and Drinks

If you are throwing a diaper shower in a backyard, host a BBQ. Otherwise, go for something simple, such as take-out food or a jumbo submarine sandwich cut into smaller pieces. For snacks, have typical food you would eat with the guys, like chips, nachos and nuts. For drinks, serve cans of pop and a few cases of beer or a keg. If you are having the shower at a bar, order pizzas and/or platters of appetizers for everyone to share.


Baby Pool

If your group of friends likes to gamble, start a baby pool. Mark the baby's expected due date on a large calendar. Then, have each guy give you, the host, $10 (give or take) to write their name on the day they think the baby will be born. The person whose guess is right wins all the money. If more than one person guesses right, they split the money. If no one guesses right, the money goes to the parents of the baby. Other things to bet on include the time of birth, the baby's weight or the day of the week the baby is born.



Even an all-male shower can have games—just stay away from the overly cutesy games often played by women at showers. For example, purchase several baby or toddler toys that require assembly. Then, split the guys into teams and give each team an un-assembled toy, along with a few tools. The object of the game is to be the first team to assemble the toy. To make this task more difficult, provide the teams with a butter knife instead of a screwdriver. Another game involves melting different types of chocolate bars into various diapers and then having each guy smell all the diapers and write down what type of candy he thinks it is. Whoever has the most correct guesses wins.



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