Can You Decorate Cookie Pops With Candy Melts?

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Use cookie cutters to make shaped cookie pops.
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Candy melts are commercially prepared confectionery coatings that decorate truffles, homemade candies -- and even cookie pops. They're designed to be home-cook friendly. Because they're made from cocoa powder, oil, sugar, milk powder and preservatives, you do not need to add shortening or paraffin to the bowl; the candy coating is ready to go once it's melted. When making cookie pops, you'll need the following -- a stable cookie, properly melted candy melts and the ability to wait long enough for your delicious pops to set before tasting them.


A dense sugar cookie or shortbread cookie recipe is ideal for cookie pops. Choose a cookie that will stand upright with a lollipop stick in the center. Prepare the cookie recipe, then roll and cut the dough according to the directions. Leave your dough about a ¼-inch thick so that you can insert a lollipop stick into one end without breaking through the dough. Insert the sticks before baking and cook until the cookies are golden brown. Cookies must be fully cooled before dipping.



Prepare the candy melts in a microwave, double-boiler or slow-cooker. For a large number of cookies, use a slow-cooker and at least 3½ pounds of candy melts placed on a low setting. Start with a pound of candy melts at a time. Stir the candies occasionally and wait for them to melt before adding another pound. For microwaving, place 1 pound of candy melts in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat at 40 percent power or the defrost option for one minute. Remove the candy, stir and return to the microwave to heat in 30-second rounds until it's fully melted. In a double-boiler, place a heat-safe bowl over the water without letting the bowl touch the water. Remove the the pan from the burner once the water is simmering and add the candy melts to the bowl. Stir continually until smooth.



Hold a cookie pop by its stick and gently dip it into the prepared candy melts. Use a spoon to coat any exposed areas of the cookie. Slowly remove the cookie pop from the candy melts and place it on a parchment-lined baking sheet to cool. If you want your pops decorated with sprinkles, add a layer while the coating is still wet so that they'll stick.


If you notice your candy melts have a streaked or clumpy texture after melting, you may have introduced water into the mixture. Avoid this by starting out with dry utensils and bowls. Always heat on a low temperature. If your dipped cookies have a powder-like finish, your candy melts were too hot. If your candy melts are too thick during dipping, thin it with a ½ teaspoon of solid white vegetable shortening for every 10 ounces of candy melts.