Can You Replace a Kitchen Fluorescent Light With Track Lighting?

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If you're ready to redesign your kitchen, consider track lighting. These versatile lights allow you to light whichever part of your kitchen needs it and give a modern, stylish look to your eating and cooking areas. If you currently have fluorescent lights in your kitchen, you can replace the fixtures with track lighting yourself.

No Additional Wiring

If you decide to replace fluorescent fixtures with track lighting, you won't have to worry about rewiring your kitchen. Track lights use the same wires as the fixtures you're replacing, which makes installation a lot simpler. You just have to purchase the fixtures you want and install them in your kitchen. You might be able to do it yourself if you're comfortable with setting up electric fixtures.


Replacing a fluorescent light with track lighting provides additional light for your kitchen. In addition, track lighting is flexible, so you can adjust the lights to shine in the areas you need them the most rather than installing several fixtures to light your entire kitchen. Track lighting is easy enough to install that you should be able to do it yourself rather than calling a professional.


If you want to install track lighting, turn the electricity off to your kitchen. For extra safety, check the wiring in your electrical box with a circuit tester to ensure that no electricity is flowing through it. Remove the fluorescent fixture, being careful not to tear or break any of the wires. Attach the wires in the track lighting to the wires in the electric box. Screw the track into the ceiling, and put in the bulbs before turning the electricity back on.


If you don't turn off the electricity before installing the new fixture, you might receive a fatal electric shock. It's crucial to check and double-check that the electricity is off. Turn your old light on before turning off the electricity, and check that the light goes off. After connecting your new fixture and you smell smoke or see the lights flicker, stop using the fixture, and call an electrician. Something is wrong with your wires, and it can cause an electrical fire.