Party Ice Breakers for Elderly People

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Encourage mingling with fun ice breaker activities.
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Prepare a variety of ice breaker activities when planning a party for an elderly age group, generally defined as over the age of 60, to encourage mingling and participation. Select "ice breakers" suitable for a range of activity levels, such as active, sedentary or even wheelchair bound, so all party-goers can participate and no one feels left out.



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Guests will enjoy dancing to popular music from past decades.
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Set up a dance floor and encourage elderly party guests to mingle and dance. Select music choices from past decades for the seniors to enjoy, such as popular songs from the 1960s and 1970s, instead of modern music. Allow the guests to choose dance partners or draw names from a hat to pair dancers and have guests switch dance partners every so often to encourage new friendships.


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"Who Am I?" Game

Guests question each other to determine their hidden identities.
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Play the "Who Am I?" party ice breaker game to have elderly guests mingling, talking and meeting each other. Choose a theme, such as popular actors and actresses, from a past decade that is familiar to the guests, and make a list with the names equal to the number of party guests. Take index cards, write one famous name per card, and attach a card with a safety pin to the back of each guest as they arrive. Have guests mingle and question each other to try to determine "Who Am I?" Guests are only allowed to ask one question per person, so this ice breaker encourages guests to meet and talk with everyone at the party.


Team Games

Set up a video game area for active seniors to compete.
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Set up group games for party "ice breakers" to promote conversation and mingling. Set up a small-scale scavenger hunt in a large room and pair guests up into teams. Hide various small objects around the room and give each team a list of clues and award a prize, such as a gift basket of snacks or a gift card, to the winners. Active seniors will enjoy a Nintendo Wii tournament to mingle and compete with other party guests. Set up an area toward the corner of the party room with the game console and a large screen TV. Lay out a variety of sports and group activity games from which the guests may choose and place several chairs nearby for guests to rest between turns.


Board Games

Set up a chessboard for a one-on-one activity.
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Set up an area at the party location with tables, chairs and a variety of board games and activities. Include small group games, such as chess, checkers and bridge, as well as large group activities like bingo, charades or shuffle board, if room permits.



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