What Are the Advantages of a High-Wheel Push Mower?

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Large rear wheels translate into ease of use.

Push mowers come in a variety of styles and sizes and with a host of extra options to entice the consumer. Whereas at one time all mowers had plastic wheels of a common diameter, the wheel feature of your new push mower is just as innovative and improved as any other part of the machine. Not only has diameter changed, but also tire material and tire width. High wheels in mowers have definite advantages, and all translate into ease of use.


Wheel Size

Many mowers are now equipped with oversized wheels at the rear and regular wheels on the front. While not all models sport this design, certain lawns can benefit from this type of build. Even though the wheels themselves are larger, this does not change the blade height. This adjustments still rests largely with the machine's front wheels.


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Large-wheeled mowers are the choice to make if you have steep hills as a part of your lawn landscape. The wheels make it easier to push and take much of the struggle out of mowing uphill. They are also ideal for taking care of embankments and are easier to maneuver and safer to use in these situations than are riding mowers or mowers with four smaller wheels.


Rough Terrain

If you have a lawn that is far from being perfectly flat or even, high wheels will lessen your workload. In the case of small rain gullies, mole or gopher holes, or rocks or roots that make the ground uneven, a mower with large wheels will sail right over these obstacles. Take care that nothing protrudes high enough to interfere with the mower blade; contact with these objects can cause serious damage to your mower.



High-wheeled mowers are helpful when it comes both to the extra weight and the drag of attachment bags for catching your grass clippings. These bags, when full, can drag down the back of the mower. The extra height offered by big wheels eliminates this problem. In addition, extra features on a mower often add weight of their own, and this is also lessened by larger wheels.



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