Candyland Craft Ideas

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Use gumdrops to make Candyland-themed crafts.

If you have children that love playing the board game Candyland, you can organize a few Candyland-themed crafts for them to do. These crafts are also ideal for a Candyland-themed birthday party, as well as many adults can enjoy doing these crafts with their children. With some ideas from the board game, craft supplies and a creative imagination, you have everything you need to show off your artistic skills.



Make your own candy necklaces using ring-shaped candy, such as Life Savers and gummy rings, and licorice string. Thread the candy rings onto the licorice string to make necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Create a pattern by alternating candy colors on the licorice. Make a Mr. Mint-themed necklace by alternating red and white candies on a red licorice string. Children at a birthday party can take the candy jewelry home as mementos.


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Gingerbread Men

Create gingerbread men like the ones seen on the Candyland game board. Bake gingerbread men-shaped cookies to decorate. Turn them into gingerbread men or women. Use frosting, icing pens, candy pieces, licorice strings and sprinkles to decorate each cookie. The licorice string is ideal for creating hair on a gingerbread woman. For a birthday party, wrap each cookie in plastic wrap or place it in a zip-close plastic bag for the guests to take home.



Candy garland makes an excellent decoration on Christmas trees or at a Candyland-themed birthday party. For paper garland, tape two paper plates together and cover the plates with colored-cellophane. Twist the ends and tie off with string to resemble a piece of wrapped hard candy. After making several of these, tie them together by the ends using fishing line to create a long strand of hard candies. For a candy garland, glue pieces of wrapped candy onto ribbon. Hang the ribbon along a table or mantle for decoration. Alternatively, use peppermints and use the candy garland on a Christmas tree.



You can find gumdrops all over the Candyland board game. Make your own papier-mache gumdrop by inflating a large balloon. Tape a round piece of cardboard to the narrow end of the balloon to create the base of the gumdrop. Papier-mache strips of newspaper to the balloon and base until it is full. Allow each layer to dry before starting a new layer. After the shape resembles a gumdrop, apply strips of a bright-colored tissue paper. Allow time to dry overnight. Paint a thin layer of glue all over the gumdrop, and apply clear glitter to resemble the sugar crystals on a gumdrop. For a birthday party, use a needle to pop the balloon and cut a slit in the top. Fill the inside with candy to create a pinata.



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