How to Make Your Own Pearl Craft Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • White pearl embossing powder

  • Plastic containers

  • Acrylic paint

  • Wooden Popsicle sticks

  • Paintbrushes

  • Paper

Mix regular paint with pearl embossing powder to create your own pearl paint.

Paints have come a long way from the oil and powder mixes of the Renaissance greats. Today, paints come in every shade and color. You can also get metallic glazes or pearl paints. Pearl paints are popular among artists who love adding shine to their work without making the pieces "sparkly." Pearl paints are iridescent, with just a touch of sheen in the finished product. You don't have to purchase special paints; you just have to know how to use your extra crafting supplies to create your own glowing paint media.


Step 1

Pour 1 tsp. white pearl embossing powder into each of your plastic containers. Set out as many containers as you want to make colors. For example, if you want to create four colors of pearl paint, set out four containers.

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Step 2

Squeeze 1 tsp. acrylic paint into each plastic container. Gently stir the paint and powder together until the paint begins to gleam and shine.


Step 3

Add a little more powder and stir, if the powder doesn't seem to be distributing properly. Continue this way until you create the exact color of pearl paint that you want.

Step 4

Paint your new pearl paint over already-painted areas on your art pieces.


Mix different colors of pearl embossing powder with a little warm water to create pearl watercolors. Create thicker paints for stamping by adding less water or paint to the powder. Thicker paints won’t run after you stamp them. If you paint only a part of your picture with solid pearl paint, it will look out of place. If you shade with pearl paint, you won't waste paint and your pieces will appear three-dimensional.


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