How Often to Use Intex Pool Pumps

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Intex is a cost-friendly above-ground pool manufacturer. Every swimming pool needs a filter in order to keep the water clean, clear and properly sanitized. Intex offers a basic swimming pool pump and a saltwater pump system. Both types of pumps need to be run routinely in order to circulate the water and chemicals.


Running Times

The running time of a filter pump is something pool professionals often disagree about. A good rule of thumb is that the hotter the weather and the more people are using the pool, the longer the filter pump needs to run in order to keep the water clean. The filter pump is responsible for capturing small particles of dirt and debris. It blocks the dirt from re-entering the water. It also circulates chlorine and other chemicals so they evenly disperse in the pool water.


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During the highest of summer temperatures, run the filter pump for at least eight hours per day. In warmer climates you will find yourself needing to add more chlorine to meet demands because it dissipates faster in warm weather. The pool chemicals need to circulate, which is why the filter pump must run for that long. It's not uncommon at all for pool owners to run it longer than that.



A saltwater filter should be operated in the same manner as a regular pool pump. The only difference in a saltwater filter is that it works on a chlorine generator. The salt in the water is transformed into chlorine and then broken down again into salt. There's no need to add chlorine ever again to the water. This convenience, however, doesn't relieve of your obligations to run the pool filter every day for at least eight hours.



As the pool filter operates under its normal conditions, it will collect a lot of dirt and debris that stays stored inside the filter until you clean it out. On average, Intex filters should be cleaned about once per month for optimal performance. You can run the pump every day, but if it's too dirty, the circulation, pressure and efficiency will suffer. Most Intex filter pumps operate with a cartridge-based filter. Remove the cartridge and hose it free of dirt and debris, then reinsert it.



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