Ways to Cheer Up on a Boring Birthday

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There are ways to spice up a boring birthday.

Your birthday does not always go as planned. Scheduling conflicts may prevent friends and family from getting together with you, you may be on the road for business, or you may be new to a town and have no local friends yet. If you are stuck with a boring birthday, there are things you can do to help cheer yourself up and have your own party to celebrate the passing of another year.


Birthday Cake

The lack of a party does not mean you have to do without a cake on your birthday. On the contrary, the lack of a party only means you do not have to share your birthday cake with anyone. Find a local baker and put in an order for the exact cake you want. When you go to pick up your cake, let the baker know it is your birthday. You may get a discount on your cake which would make having it even more fun.


Video of the Day


One of the things you can do to make your boring birthday more cheerful is to get out of the house. But rather than go to the movies or the mall, truly pamper yourself. Find a spa and get a massage and indulge in some of the other services the spa offers. When you are done at the spa, get a hotel room for yourself in a nice hotel and order room service.


Sporting Event or Concert

If you are spending a boring birthday with someone else such as a spouse or roommate, then suggest the two of you go to a sporting event or a concert. The two of you could go to dinner before the event and make an entire evening of it. One of the appealing things about this suggestion is you can also do this if you are alone on your boring birthday.


Try Something Different

Your birthday is the one day of the year you can spend money on yourself and not feel guilty. To make that gift to yourself count, and cheer yourself up on a boring birthday, you should try something you have never done. It does not need to be something elaborate. It just needs to be different. For example, if you have never seen a live, professional theater production, take yourself to one on your birthday. If there are helicopter rides available in your area, and you have never been on a helicopter, then use your boring birthday as an excuse to try a helicopter ride for the first time.


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