Hilarious Sleepover Games

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Sleepovers hold many special memories that often carry over into real life. Letting your child have a group of her friends over for a slumber party is an effective way to help her with social skills while having fun in the process. Part of the fun associated with a sleepover is staying up late and playing games that make the kids laugh. Help your child prepare some of these games ahead of time to help ensure that her slumber party is a success with all her friends.


Blindfold Games

Blindfold games are always fun to play and are ideal for sleepovers. Blindfolded guests at a girl's sleepover can take turns putting makeup on each other or wearing lipstick and kissing posters of favorite celebrities. Blindfold tag is ideal for boys and girls. Musical chairs and pillow fights are fun sleepover games that can be made even more fun with the addition of a blindfold. For pillow fights, it's a good idea to do it in a room where the game can be played without knocking things over.


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Relay Racing Games

Relay racing games can be fun when you add challenges to the mix. Pillowcase or sleeping bag races are two ways to turn a sleepover into a funny affair. Relay races where partners tie their legs together and have to work as a team can be fun as well, with kids falling down as they try to work together to compete. Relay races on a slip and slide in the backyard can be fun during warmer months.


Guessing Games

Guessing games are ideal for making kids laugh as they try their best to get teammates to guess what they try to portray. Kids can either use hand signals and actions to act out a person, place or thing or draw clues on poster board while the other kids take turns trying to guess what it is. Put a time limit on each child's turn to make it more challenging. Watching each other make goofy faces and actions while trying to get others to guess can result in a lot of laughable moments. Karaoke and lip synch challenges can be fun to watch, with sleepover guests taking turns competing to see who can sing along best with their favorite artists.


Board Games

There are quite a few board games that are meant to make kids laugh. These games include timer games that require kids to give answers to questions with little time to think, which can result in some funny answers. Baffle Gab, Mad Gab, Balderdash and 5 Second Rule, Just Spit It Out are games of this nature.



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