Can I Put Bromine in a Saltwater Pool?

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Bromine is an alternative to chlorine and other types of sanitizers people may opt to use in their swimming pools. Another sanitizer alternative to traditional chlorine-based pools is the use of a salt water generator. In salt water pools, the salt water generator manufactures its own chlorine, but at lower levels, resulting in less harsh side effects than chlorine pools. Bromine cannot be mixed with saltwater pools.


Saltwater Pools

People who own salt water pools utilize a chlorine generator that is hooked up withing the filter system. Salt is initially added to the pool but not enough to actually taste it. The chlorine generator then breaks down the chemical components of the salt to produce chlorine, which sanitizes the water in place of any other sanitizing method. The amount of chlorine that is produced is set to meet the needs of keeping your pool crystal clear. You have no need to ever buy or handle chlorine again.


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No Bromine

Chlorine pools must use chlorine, Baquacil pools must use baquacil, and bromine pools must use bromine. There can be no swapping or substituting if you don't have one or the other on hand. The water chemistry will become disrupted and even hazardous if you mix sanitizers. As a matter of fact, with a saltwater pool, the handling and addition of a sanitizer is never necessary, especially bromine. Salt is the only thing that would have to be added to keep the pool sanitized.



You may be thinking of adding bromine to the pool to clear up cloudy pool water. Although most salt water generators are capable of producing enough chlorine to meet demands, occasionally water sanitizer levels will need to be quickly elevated, which is where chlorine shock comes into play. Adding shock to clear up cloudy saltwater is fine. Pool owners typically add 1 gallon of liquid shock for every 10,000 gallons of water and 1 pound of diluted granular shock for every 12,000 gallons.


Salt Levels

Salt water pools need a salt water measurement of somewhere between 2,500 and 4,000 parts per million. Salt water testing strips are available to obtain your pool's salt water level. Some more advanced and expensive salt water generators will have a digital reading of the salt water level at all times while others will have a low salt indicator. Salt water only has to be added as fresh water enters the pool and the water becomes diluted.



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