Recommended Roof Colors for a Light Grey House

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Roof colors should complement houses and their surroundings.

Whether you're building a new house, remodeling the outside of an old one or simply replacing a roof, the color combinations you select are ones you'll have to live with for a long time. While it may seem that a light gray house will look good with any roof color, some shades are more desirable than others.


House Setting and Style

While a black roof may seem like a natural choice with a light gray house, consider the style of your home. A black roof will usually make a tall house look shorter; if used on a one story house, the dwelling may look too compact. While a black roof will look sharp, remember that black roofs will also absorb more of the sun's rays. While this may be a benefit in cooler climates, it may lead to more expense in cooling the house in warmer climates. If your house is located in a more rural setting, a roof with green tones will help your house blend with the surroundings, while one with red tints will give a country look. A gray house located near a lake or ocean may look best with blue tones for the roof.

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Community Requirements

If you live in a historic district, check for any rules or guidelines for the area. To retain historical accuracy, many such districts will have a range of colors to select from. While shades of blue and green are often suggested for gray houses with historical connections, some associations may require you to stay with the original colors of the house. Some subdivisions also have requirements for fencing styles, house colors and roof types and shades. Checking in advance may save expense later.


Building Materials

While your house may be light gray in color, consider the building materials when selecting a roof color. If your house is made of wood or has steel or vinyl siding, a green roof or a blend of green shades will work. Red roofs will also look good on gray houses or houses of stone with predominantly gray tints. Avoid using brown or shades of brown shingles on a gray house.


Other Features

If you are just replacing the roof of your house, consider other features such as the shutters, fencing and walkway types. If the shutters are maroon in color or there are numerous red brick walkways, a roof of a similar shade would tie the parts together. A house with many concrete walkways may look best with a dark gray or blended gray roof. Consider a green roof on a house with a lot of shrubbery and trees surrounding it.



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