Dremel Stone Engraving Craft Ideas

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Engrave stones can have messages, names and images.

Rotary tools are powerful enough to engrave stone. With your rotary tool and a few household materials, you can make very inexpensive crafts that look custom-made and professional. Engraved stone crafts make heartfelt gifts, especially if you personalize them. When engraving with a rotary tool, prepare your work surface with a tarp or drop cloth, wear safety gear such as protective glasses and work gloves and wear ear plugs.


Engraved Stone Pendant

Find a beautiful and interesting stone, and make an engraved pendant to wear on a necklace. Before you begin engraving, prepare the stone by coating the back of it with hot glue to prevent chipping. Attach a small cutting bit to your rotary tool, and engrave a design onto the front of the stone. Drill a hole in the rock with your rotary tool or wrap wire around it. Insert a ribbon or chain through the hole or through the wire, and wear the stone around your neck.


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House Sign

Personalize a flat slab of sandstone or a paver stone with your address and last name and place it in your front yard or at the base of your driveway. Transfer stencils to your stone by tracing the letters and numbers with a pencil. Use a rotary tool to grove the outside edges of all the characters to a depth of 1/8 inch. Use a hammer and chisel to chip out the stone on the inside of the characters. If you want the writing to stand out more, you can paint the insides of the engraved characters with epoxy paint, which will withstand exterior conditions.


Garden Stones

Garden stones are flat pavers that make walkways through flower beds or vegetable gardens. Engrave garden stones with messages, names or images to add interest to your garden. Draw or stencil the design onto the garden stone, and use your rotary tool to engrave the design into the paver. Add color to the engraving by painting the stone with epoxy paint.


Pet Memorials

If you've ever had to bury a pet in the back yard, you know that finding a good headstone is difficult. You can create your own pet memorials by selecting a nice stone and engraving it with your pet's name, birth and death years, and adding a simple image, such as a paw print or a dog collar. Draw or stencil the design onto the stone, engrave it with the rotary tool and then stand it up in the yard. Remember to leave a blank space at the bottom of the stone for inserting it in the ground.



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