What Are the Dangers of Bleaching a Floor and Not Rinsing?

After use, you should rinse bleach off your floors.

Bleaching a floor to remove stains or odors is a viable option that typically yields favorable results. When you're done applying the bleach, it's important to remove it by rinsing the floor thoroughly. When you leave the bleach on the floor, it can have detrimental effects to the members of your household even after it has dried.


Though it is an effective cleaner for a variety of household spills and stains, bleach's fumes are also highly toxic to breathe. When applying bleach, make sure the area is well ventilated. If you don't rinse the bleach off your floors after using it, and especially if you close the windows and doors around the bleach, its vapors will linger in the area and may cause members of your family to have sore throats, noses and eyes.


Bleach is highly slippery when used on a smooth surface such as a tile or vinyl floor. It's vitally important to thoroughly rinse the bleach away after use to ensure that your floor isn't slippery and that an unsuspecting person doesn't slip and fall. Once you rinse the area, warn your household members of the damp floor and then dry it as well as you can.


Bleach can cause illness if consumed, and most adults are unlikely to do so knowingly. But if you fail to rinse bleach off your floor after using it for cleaning, a family pet or child could become sick after consuming the bleach. A pet may lick the floor or play with a toy left on the floor, while a child may touch the floor and put her hands in her mouth.


When placed on an article of clothing for a short period, bleach will work to lift a stain from the clothing. When left on that same piece of clothing for an extended period, however, the clothing can become white and permanently damaged. Because bleach has the ability to turn substances white, it's important to rinse it off your floors. If you don't, your floor itself or a nearby rug could begin to change color, especially if someone walks through the bleach and onto the rug.