Party Games for a One-Year-Old's Birthday in December

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First birthdays can include activities for babies, older children and adults.

Celebrate your baby's first birthday with a party that caters to babies, older kids and adults. Deciding on party games poses a challenge, especially since 1-year-olds are too young to play many party games. The solution: plan games themed around the guest of honor but played by the adults and older children. Plan indoor games for December birthdays because of possible weather concerns.



Engage party guests with trivia games about the 1-year-old. Create a list of tasks, such as stand up, crawl or eat with a spoon. Then, each party guest will have to guess whether the baby is able to do each task by saying "yes" or "no." Whichever guest gets the most correct should win a prize. Or, write a quiz about the first year of the baby's life. Possible questions could include: "How many months old was Joe when he learned to toss a ball?" The guest with the most correct quiz answers wins.


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Kids of all ages can enjoy a birthday party with dancing if you have an area for dancing and some music. Let the kids dance however they choose, or make a game of the dancing. One dancing game kids enjoy involves playing the music, allowing the kids to dance, and stopping the music at random. When the music stops, the kids need to stop dancing immediately. Whoever stops last is out. Keep playing until one winner remains.


Toy Races

Keep warm during a December birthday by working up a sweat. Babies will enjoy watching adults and older kids compete in toy races. Put all the toys at one side of the room and buckets at the other. Each racer must start on hands and knees, pick up a toy and crawl to the bucket at the other side of the room. The first racer to place the toy in the bucket is the winner of the race. This can be made into a relay race, too, for a longer game. Award the winners with small prizes.



Entertain party guests with an artistic challenge. This activity works for 1-year-olds, older children and adults. Provide each party guest with a large, blank sheet of paper and some crayons. Set a timer for three minutes. Ensure that the guest of honor is visible by all guests. Direct the guests to draw their best depiction of the birthday baby. The best drawing, as voted on by a designated judge or vote of the group, will be the winner.


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