Homemade Halloween Costumes of a Hockey Puck

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Use a hockey puck as inspiration for your Halloween costume.

Some people use Halloween as a time to flaunt around in seductive costumes that leave very little to the imagination. Others, think of more obscure ideas for costumes, like hockey pucks. If you are a hockey player, hockey fan or are just looking for a dress-up idea that is less traditional, be a hockey puck for Halloween.


Chicken Wire

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Sculpt a round hockey puck using chicken wire. Bend a spool of chicken wire into a large circle so that the hockey puck is twice as wide as you. You will wear the hockey puck in front of you, so it should stick out on both sides of your body. The chicken wire acts as the costume's frame. Apply papier-mache over the chicken wire to create a solid look. When the papier-mache dries paint it with black tempera paint. To wear the hockey puck, attach the inside of your chicken wire structure to a long-sleeved shirt with sturdy safety pins.

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Make a hockey puck costume out of Styrofoam. Use black tempera paint to paint two large Styrofoam circles with a thickness of about 1 inch. Use another color paint to draw your hockey team's logo on the front of the puck. Use strong craft glue to paste the two circular Styrofoam pieces to the front and back of a shirt. As you wear the costume it will look as though you are sandwiched between pieces of the puck, giving your outfit dimension.


Presentation Board

Black presentation board offers you a lightweight material to turn into a hockey puck. Cut a giant circle out of a large sheet of black presentation board. Attach the presentation board to a cotton shirt with craft glue. Create a sandwich effect with two pieces of the presentation board, one on the front and one on the back. Alternatively, use just one piece of presentation board on the front of your shirt. Draw team logos on colorful construction paper, cut out and paste onto your hockey puck.


Hockey Puck to the Face

A different way to wear a hockey puck is on your face. Create a costume that makes it look as though a hockey puck is lodged into your forehead or cheek. Use black tempura paint to paint a small, circular piece of Styrofoam. Glue it to your face with spirit gum, which is an adhesive used to attach objects safely to the face. At the attachment point, create a scar-like effect with wax that you mold around the skin to look like a wound. Use red face paint to make the area look bloody and apply green and purple face paint with a sponge to create bruising.



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