What Is a Zombie Glass?

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A zombie glass bears a strong resemblance to many common glasses, though its purpose is slightly different.

A zombie glass is a particular type of glassware commonly found in bars. Its original purpose was to hold a drink called the Zombie, though the glasses are now used for various other drinks as well due to its stylish appearance. Several characteristics differentiate a zombie glass from other types of glassware.


The Zombie

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The primary characteristic of a zombie glass is that it holds a drink called the Zombie. The Zombie is an alcoholic drink that was invented in the 1930s by Donn Beach of Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood. It contains fruit juice, rum or brandy, and liqueur. The fruit juice overpowers the taste of alcohol, making it sweeter than many other drinks.

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A zombie glass is generally taller than most glasses, creating a chimney-like appearance. Many of these glasses are around about six or seven inches tall, which helps to highlight the colorful appearance of the Zombie drink, which usually appears yellow, orange and red.


Glass Type

Zombie glasses are either clear or frosted in appearance, with the majority being clear. The benefit of the clear glass type is that the color of the drink shines through more clearly. However, some bars have taken to using the frosted type of glass due to the interesting change it creates in the way that the color is seen. Regardless, zombie glasses do not appear in an opaque color.



Zombie glasses generally hold 13 to 14 ounces of liquid, with the majority being 13.5 ounces. This makes the zombie glass larger than many bartending glasses, mostly because the drink does not contain an alcoholic flavor, meaning a patron can generally consume more before feeling drunk.



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