What Is an Alternative for a Crochet Needle?

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Make your own crochet hook to replace one you've lost.

Easily replace your crochet needles with a handmade version after leaving behind your favorite set or breaking one during a craft project. Look for common household items like a knife, sandpaper, and small pieces of wood or twigs to create your own needles. Consider making handmade needles as gifts for your crochet-loving friends or to sell at local craft fairs and consignment stores.



Locate a clean or unused set of chopsticks from your last Chinese dinner to replace your usual crochet needles. Lightly bend to see how durable they will be as a crochet needle alternative. Cut off any tapered ends and proceed to size the entire down to a comfortable size or approximately 5 inches in length. Whittle out a hook near the top with a sharp knife and sand off the top with fine sandpaper.


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Outdoor Sticks

Look in your own backyard for stray twigs and sticks and turn into crochet needles. Find a stick that is close to the width and size of your desired needle. Peel off the bark with your fingers or a knife and smooth down with fine sandpaper. Cut down to size and whittle a hook notch near the top. Remember to sand down the tip to protect your creations against snags.


Dowel Rods

Visit your local hardware store and ask to see their selection of wooden dowel rods. Choose a size that closely resembles the length and width of your favorite crochet needles and hooks. Carve out a hook near the top with a pen knife and thread yarn over it to see if the hook notch is suitable or requires more depth. Sand down thoroughly with sandpaper for a smooth finish.


Carving Tips

Carve down wood carefully while wearing protective gloves and goggles to prevent cuts and flying wood chips or splinters. Work slowly and deliberately to prevent over-carving or cutting the hook wedge too deeply. Keep a store bought crochet needle nearby as a model to help determine the best length and location for your hook. Practice with old yarn to ensure your handmade hooks will not snag or tear your future creations.


Finishing Up

Finish, decorate, and polish your do-it-yourself crochet needles to match your favorite look. Stain the needles with a light wood stain and allow to dry thoroughly in the sun or a warm garage. Consider coating in beeswax, allow to dry, and rub with a fine cloth until smooth.


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