The Best Spray Chemicals to Kill Fleas in the Home

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Eliminate fleas with spray chemicals.

Fleas are tiny pests that invade your home and torment your animals by sucking their blood. Once fleas have started to multiply in your home by laying eggs, it can be very difficult to get rid of them. They live not only on your animals, but also on your carpet, furniture and outdoor areas. The best way to control and eliminate the flea population is to treat the animals and all indoor and outdoor parts of your home simultaneously with the most effective flea sprays available.


Furniture and Carpet Spray

A big part of flea elimination is applying insecticide spray to the furniture and carpet. Vacuum carpets before spraying to make the insecticide more effective. The best flea control sprays contain a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. Check the label to see if the product contains methoprene, hydroprene or fenoxycarb because these are the best chemicals for flea control. Pyriproxyfen is also one of the best chemicals for indoor flea treatment because it controls immature and adult fleas. It should be sprayed on furniture, carpets, rugs, window sills and pet bedding. Humans and animals should avoid all sprayed areas until they are dry.


Pet Spray

Applying a spray directly to your dog or cat daily when there is a flea outbreak is a necessity. The most effective sprays are ones that contain the chemicals methoprene, pyriproxyfen, pyrethrum with an insect growth regulator (or IGR, which prevents fleas from laying eggs and interrupts their life cycle) and limonene, which is a citrus peel extract. Check the label on the spray that you choose because some are safe for dogs but lethal for cats. Be sure to hold your hand over the animal's eyes when you spray. Cover the animal's body with the spray, including behind the ears and on the stomach. It can take up four to six weeks before the fleas are controlled.



Foggers kill large flea populations by releasing insecticides into the air in the home. The best foggers contain insect growth regulators. Turn off all pilot lights, close all windows, cover food preparation surfaces and utensils and open interior doors before you fog. People and pets should remain out of the house until the chemicals are dry. Read the instructions on the fogger for specific guidelines on when you can reenter the home.

Outdoor Spray

Many people do not think to spray outdoor areas when they are trying to eliminate a flea problem, but it is necessary to take this precaution for the most effective and thorough treatment. The best spray chemicals to use on outdoor areas contain pyrethrins, pyrethroids and insect growth regulators. Concentrate spraying in crawl spaces, sleeping areas and pathways where animals walk.