How to Fold a Paper Owl With a Dollar Bill

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Craft origami shapes using dollar bills.

Paper folding is also known as origami, the art of making different shapes and objects out of paper. It is an activity entertaining to children, especially when they can make shapes such as an owl. Origami shapes arecreated with many types of paper, including the dollar bill. Fold a dollar bill into an owl and your child can carry it around for play or spend it if she ever has an emergency.


Step 1

Face the front side of the dollar bill up and place the right side to the left side to fold the bill in half.

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Step 2

Fold the bill in half lengthwise and unfold.

Step 3

Take the folded side of the bill and place its corners and the folded edge to line up with the crease line formed when you folded the bill in half lengthwise. You will have two triangle flaps. Position the bill so the sharp tip formed with the two triangle flaps points down.

Step 4

Fold the resulting bill's top left and right corners down to meet at the vertical crease line.

Step 5

Turn the bill to the other side. You will have a sharp tip pointing up and down.


Step 6

Fold the top tip down to create a crease line where the sides become parallel and fold the tip back up to the folded edge to form a crease. The tip will appear with the white margin of the bill, fold the tip down to form a crease at the margin line.

Step 7

Fold the top-center corner layers down, like you are opening your collar, to form two triangle flaps. The graphics on the bill will match the layer beneath it to form a square for the owl's eyes.

Step 8

Fold the sides of the folded bill backwards double the width of the white margin and you have a dollar bill owl.


Press firmly and fold paper evenly for a smoother finish.

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