How to Attach Snakeskin Leather

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Snakeskin

  • Cutting board

  • Razor

  • Spray contact cement

  • Weighted item

You don't want to get your snakeskin wet.

Whether you want to add some flair to a pair of boots or give new life to an old wallet, adding snakeskin leather can create an exotic look and feel to almost any item. When attaching snakeskin leather, it's important to be gentle with the delicate material. Using the proper type of glue and attachment methods will ensure the material stays safely and strongly connected to the item you want it on.


Step 1

Measure the surface you want to attach the snakeskin to. If you'll be attaching the snakeskin in a design, trace this shape on a piece of paper. Cut it out to create a stencil for your snakeskin.

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Step 2

Outline the desired shape and measurements onto the snakeskin leather. Use a light pencil stroke to note the lines on the back side of the leather.


Step 3

Place the snakeskin on a cutting board. Hold each end of the leather taut. Gently slice along the marked lines with a sharp razor.

Step 4

Apply a spray contact cement over the back of the snakeskin. Spray enough to completely cover the back of the leather, but not so much that the snakeskin is dripping. Too much excess liquid can absorb into the leather and damage the snakeskin.


Step 5

Place the snakeskin carefully on the desired area. Press down over the leather with your fingers. Do not rub the snakeskin, especially going against the scales. This could rip away scales and permanently blemish the leather.

Step 6

Put the snakeskin and the item it's attached to under a weight, such as a heavy book. Let it sit overnight to allow the glue to tightly adhere the snakeskin to the item. Do not use any heat source to speed up the drying, as doing so could damage the snake skin.



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