How to Introduce a Master of Ceremonies

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When planning events of importance, many elect to appoint a master of ceremonies. While this individual may be charged with, to a certain extent, keeping things running, in many instances this person is a guest of honor who the committee intends to flatter with their appointment. If the master of ceremonies at your next event is someone who is famous or who you simply wish to showcase, put great effort into introducing this individual with the fanfare befitting this position.


Step 1

Write a biography. If you are not familiar with the specifics of your master of ceremony's life, take time to learn about him prior to writing this biography to ensure that the information you include is accurate, and that you make mention of the most important details of his life.

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Step 2

Advertise the master of ceremonies. You do not have to wait until the day of your event to announce your master of ceremonies, particularly if this person is famous and, as a result, will draw crowds to your event. Instead of keeping your choice under wraps, make mention of this individual in your advertisements for the event. If you have ample advertising space, include the individual's biography.


Step 3

Read an abbreviated biography at the actual event. Include the most important highlights of her career to make it clear why she was selected as your master of ceremonies.

Step 4

Welcome the individual to the forefront with fanfare. After reading the shortened biography, invite the individual to the stage or other presentation space, asking the audience to give him a round of applause as you do and making the event one characterized by excitement.

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