How to Decorate a Table for September

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Things You'll Need

  • Table runner

  • Table cloth

  • Fall-themed decorations

  • Wood letters

  • Placemats

  • Dishes

Decorate your September table in an autumn theme.

The month of September is a turning point in which the hot days of summer give way to cool autumn breezes and plants begin to fade from green to brilliant hues of reds, oranges and yellows. Whether you're throwing a party during the month or enjoy decorating your home based on the season, creating a September-themed table should reflect coming changes.


Step 1

Place a table runner down the center of the table to serve as a border for the decorations. Select a fall color such as red, orange, brown or gold. Use a table cloth in similar colors if you prefer to cover the entire table base.

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Step 2

Accent the table runner with fall-related decorations. Place a pot of mums or other fall flowers or a plant in the center. Fill clear vases with artificial or real fall leaves in different colors. Arrange gourds of different shapes, sizes and colors throughout the length of the runner. Fill a candle tray with items including fall leaves, fruits such as apples, pine cones or any other natural elements that go with the theme. Place several thick, fall-colored candles throughout the tray.


Step 3

Add free-standing painted wood letters that spell out "September" and place them in a row at the front edge of the table runner to make your theme clear.

Step 4

Put a placemat at each table setting that has a fall related pattern on it or is made from material such as dried bamboo or raffia that evokes a seasonal feel.


Step 5

Use dishes that go along with the September theme. Mix and match ceramic dishes in fall colors, such as using a brown plate for the base, topped with an orange dessert plate next to a red mug. Use dishes lined with a pattern of fall leaves, fall flowers or anything related to the season.


You can customize your September themed table to fit with any taste, from a classic country appeal to a chic modern vibe.



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