How to Replace the Drive Belt on a John Deere 155 Riding Mower

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Things You'll Need

  • 2-by-4 lumber

  • Allen wrench set

The John Deere 155 is a base-model lawn tractor equipped with a double-blade mower deck. The John Deere 155 has only one belt, which is the belt that runs the drive system for the mower deck. When you need to maintenance the mower's drive belt, you must completely remove the mower deck. Since mower deck removal is part of many different maintenance procedures, taking the deck off is a straightforward process that the average DIY homeowner can complete on her own.


Step 1

Drive the mower onto stable ground, place a wooden block under the right side and left side of the mower deck and then lower the mower deck onto the blocks.

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Step 2

Locate the mower management drive cable that runs past the right pulley cover on the mower deck. Unhook the spring that connects the drive cable to the mower deck. Remove the spring pin from the L-shaped bracket mounted on the mower deck and pull the drive cable off the L-shaped mounting tab connected to the mower deck.

Step 3

Locate the spring lock pins and washers on each side of the mower deck toward the rear of the deck and remove them by pulling the pins out.

Step 4

Pull the pins out of the rear daft arm located under the spring lock pins, then remove the adjustable lift links, which look like upside down "J's"


Step 5

Remove the spring lock pins and daft arms from the front mounting brackets on the mower deck.

Step 6

Remove the drive belt from the drive belt pulley under the engine.

Step 7

Remove the blocks of wood and slide the mower deck out and away from the mower. This allows access to the transmission drive belt.


Step 8

Remove the cap screws from the belt shield on the mower deck with an Allen wrench and place the shields off to the side.

Step 9

Loosen the bolts that hold the belt guides by the pulleys on the deck with your Allen wrench.


Step 10

Remove the old belt and install the new belt. Route the belt around the pulleys just as the old belt was routed and make sure the V-portion of the belt rides in the V-grooves on the spindle pulleys, which are the two largest pulleys on the deck.

Step 11

Tighten the belt guides in place, then reinstall the belt shields with the cap screws and Allen wrench.


Step 12

Slide the mower deck under the mower, then place the deck back onto the blocks. Place the belt over the drive belt pulley.

Step 13

Reconnect the spring lock pins and daft arms on the front of the mower deck, then reconnect the spring lock pins and daft arms on the rear of the mower deck.


Step 14

Place the mower management drive cable back into the L-bracket, then slide the pin into the bracket. Reconnect the spring on the end of the mower management drive cable to the mower deck.

Step 15

Lift the mower deck up with the lift lever and remove the blocks.


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