How to Keep Frogs Out of the Hot Tub

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Things You'll Need

  • Custom-fitted spa cover

  • Lawn mower

  • Lawn trimmer

  • Native grass seed

  • Native wildflower seed

  • 3-foot long PVC pipes

  • Handsaw

  • Rubber mallet

Frogs are entertaining to watch but don't belong in a hot tub.

Though some find frogs frightening or ugly, the most common types are harmless. The moisture-loving creatures can become a nuisance to anyone when they jump into hot tubs and relieve themselves in the water. Depending on how much you like frogs, you can alter your entire yard to make it unattractive to wildlife or isolate a separate frog habitat away from your hot tub.


Step 1

Order a custom-fitted spa cover from your hot tub's manufacturer. Custom-fitted covers will snap over your hot tub without leaving gaps where frogs can enter. Fit the cover snugly over the hot tub whenever you aren't using it.

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Step 2

Mow the lawn, trim away all vegetation and remove all sticks and logs in a 10-foot radius around your hot tub. If you'd prefer not to have frogs in your yard at all, mow, trim and remove sticks from the entire yard. This will eliminate frog hiding spots as well as many of the bugs that attract and feed frogs.

Step 3

Clean the yard to eliminate garbage that could attract flies. Keep trash cans tightly closed or indoors, and clean pet droppings immediately after walking your pet in the yard. Remove food and beverages from outdoor areas as soon as possible. Eliminating flies as well as other insects hiding in vegetation will discourage frogs from visiting the yard.


Step 4

Make an alternate area of the yard more attractive to frogs to benefit from the creatures without having them jump in the hot tub. An ideal location would be around an existing pond or body of water. Leave grass long in that area, and add additional grass seed and native wildflower seed to create hiding spots. If you have tree frogs in the area, make "houses" for them: cut PVC pipes at a 45 degree angle at one end and drive the angled end into the ground next to vegetation with a rubber mallet.


The same methods used to keep frogs out of hot tubs will work for toads.


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