How to Dice Meat

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy cutting board

  • Kitchen cloth

  • Chef knife or Chinese cleaver

Use diced meat to complement other foods for new and different dishes.

Dice meat so each cube is the same size to make the finished dish visually appetizing. Create diced cubes so they cook evenly at the same rate. The process of dicing meat also provides the opportunity to trim out cartilage and fat while cutting the meat into slices. Meat is generally cut into ½-inch cubes for soups and hot-meat salad bowls, and 1-inch cubes for stew.

Step 1

Set a heavy cutting board on a flat surface. If the cutting board is prone to slipping, dampen a kitchen cloth and place underneath.

Step 2

Use a large chef knife or a Chinese cleaver to cut the meat into long, even strips of the same diameter and shape.

Step 3

Place the strips of meat side-by-side in a single layer on the cutting board. Use the edge of the knife to butt against the ends of the beef strips to even them up.

Step 4

Slice down with the chef knife to cut down evenly across the ends of the strips, to produce diced meat of the same size and shape.

Step 5

Continue dicing the meat in the size dictated by the recipe. If the recipe calls for 1-inch cubes, slice the strips 1-inch wide on each side.


A Chinese cleaver is sharp and the heaviness makes it cut cleanly. Use the same technique on vegetables or fruits.


Wash the cutting board and all utensils in warm soapy water; sanitize them in one part warm water to nine parts bleach before and after dicing the meat.