How to Remove Scorch From Polyester and Rayon Fabric

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It's easy to remove burn marks like these.

Scorch marks on fabrics often appear after leaving a hot iron unattended or scorched iron plates that cause a stain on the fabric. Other causes of scorch marks could be a cigarette burn or too much lint in your dryer. Garments with scorch marks are usually disposed of, because the mark leaves a discoloration. Items made from polyester and rayon fabrics are especially prone to scorch marks, since they easily melt and burn at high temperatures.


Things You'll Need

  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Brush

  • Eye dropper

  • Lukewarm water

  • Ammonia

  • All-bleach fabric

  • Clean pieces of white cloth

  • White vinegar

Scorch Marks on Washable Polyester and Rayon Fabric

Step 1

Brush off the surface of the stain to remove burnt fibers.

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Step 2

Place the stained area face down on a clean piece of cloth.


Step 3

Place a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on and around the stained area.

Step 4

Add two drops of ammonia after placing hydrogen peroxide.

Step 5

Leave the fabric to soak several minutes up to an hour. Place drops of peroxide and ammonia every now and then to keep the moisture.


Step 6

Rinse with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water, as it will make the stain set deeper into the fabric.

Step 7

Wash the fabric. Wash again with an all-bleach fabric or oxygen bleach if the stain still appears.


Removing Scorch Marks on Non-washable Polyester and Rayon Fabric

Step 1

White vinegar is one of the best tools for removing stains on non-washable garments.

Take a piece of clean cloth and moisten with white vinegar.


Step 2

Rub the stained area lightly. Always start rubbing from the outside the stain going inward to avoid spreading more stain on the fabric.

Step 3

Wipe the fabric slowly with a clean piece of cloth damp with water. Repeat steps until scorch mark is completely removed.


Treat scorch marks immediately after you notice them. The longer they stay on the fabric, the harder they are to remove.

If you are having a hard time removing scorch marks on non-washable fabrics, take them to the dry cleaners immediately and explain the nature of the stain.

Removing scorch marks could take up a lot of your time. Patience is the key to successfully bring your garment back to its original state.


Machine drying fabrics made of polyester or rayon is not advisable. You can hang them instead.


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