How to Make a Faceless Mask

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Things You'll Need

  • Pantyhose

  • Scissors

  • Generic plastic mask

  • Polyester or cotton batting

  • Hot glue gun

  • Binder clips

Create a faceless mask using pantyhose

Few things are quite as creepy as a faceless character. Many horror movies have taken advantage of the fact, and you can do the same with some basic materials. You will create a pantyhose mask, which has been used in theatrical productions for decades. The concept is simple: pantyhose is stretched over a plastic mask, with polyester or cotton batting stuffed in to create whatever form you want. Pantyhose is translucent, so you won't even have to cut eye holes.


Step 1

Cut the legs off of a pair of pantyhose, severing them at the waist. Then cut each leg at the knee, leaving a tube of pantyhose that would normally fit over the thigh. Cut a slit up each pantyhose tube, turning them into rectangles that can lie flat.

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Step 2

A plastic mask will be the base for your project.

Set a generic plastic mask onto a work surface, then glue polyester or cotton batting to the surface with a hot glue gun. Cover the entire mask with a 1/4-inch layer of batting, leaving the eye holes uncovered. Fill in the areas to the sides of the nose and under it with thicker batting to flatten the face.

Step 3

Lay the first pantyhose rectangle over the mask and secure it in place with small binder clips around the border. Begin at the top, then pull the pantyhose tight and clip the bottom. Continue working on opposite sides of the mask, pulling the material tight as you clip it. The excess pantyhose should be stretched around the backside of the mask.


Step 4

Glue the pantyhose to the back of the mask, removing binder clips as you go. The glue will keep the pantyhose tight against the batting, creating the illusion of facelessness. Once the pantyhose is glued in place, trim the excess pantyhose from the back of the mask. Glue on the second pantyhose rectangle if the white of the batting shows through the pantyhose.


If you can still see the mask's facial features through the clipped pantyhose, unclip sections and add more batting.


Hot glue guns can burn you. Do not allow children to use them without parental supervision.


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