How to Repair a Post That Came Out of a Pearl Earring

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Things You'll Need

  • Extra-strength adhesive

  • Paper, any kind

Pearl posts create a timeless look.

In genuine pearl earrings the maker generally half-drills the pearl and glues the post in the hole. Pearls come from oysters, resulting from an irritant. They possess a natural luster and have been prized by cultures throughout the world. Many famous paintings feature women adorned with pearls, and pearl earrings continue to accent classic, casual and eclectic fashion statements. When a pearl separates from the post, a simple technique will repair the pearl earring.


Step 1

Squeeze a drop of extra-strength glue onto a sheet of paper. Take care not to touch the glue or the nozzle of the glue container because these kinds of adhesive can bond skin.

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Step 2

Hold the earring post by the tip that enters the ear piercing or by the clip if it's a clip-on pearl post. Dip the other end in the glue.

Step 3

Hold the pearl in your non-dominant hand between your thumb and index finger, taking care that the hole for the post remains exposed. Insert the post in the hole. Push it in as far as it will go and hold it in place for a slow count of 30 to give the glue time to set.

Step 4

Refrain from wearing the pearl post earring for at least two hours. This reduces the risk of damaging the repair before the glue fully hardens.


Humidity and temperature changes can cause a post to separate from a pearl. Don't keep your pearls in the bathroom, and avoid wearing post earrings in a sauna, bath or hot tub. Put your pearl earrings on last, after applying any cosmetics, scents or hairspray, to protect them from potentially damaging acidic ingredients.


Keep highly adhesive products out of the reach of children. Wipe the glue nozzle before putting the lid back on the glue so that glue residue does not permanently glue the cap onto the glue nozzle.


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