Globe Theatre Paper Pop-Up Instructions

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

  • Printer

  • White card stock paper

  • Scissors or artist's knife

  • White glue

The Globe Theatre was the first playhouse built in London in 1576.

The Globe Theatre has always been associated with William Shakespeare. During Shakespeare's time, plays were performed in private homes and inns until actor James Burbage built the first playhouse in London in 1576, according to Shakespeare's Globe. Shakespeare joined the theatre in the 1580s and it was successful for the following 20 years. Over its lifetime, it was moved and rebuilt twice with the playwright as one of the shareholders, but it was finally demolished in 1644. To build your own Globe Theatre from paper, similar to the well-known pop-up book, use these simple instructions.

Step 1

Find a Globe Theatre paper pop-up model online (see Resources). Look for one that uses paper to create a model of the Globe Theatre similar to "Shakespeare's Globe: An Interactive Pop-up Theatre" by Toby Forward. Print with white card stock.

Step 2

Cut out the paper model with scissors or an artist's knife. Be sure to leave all the tabs intact. Those are the attached white parts with a dot in the center. You will bend them and use them to glue the model together. Be sure to keep the parts together in the same placement as they were printed to make it easier to put the theatre together.

Step 3

Place the two pieces with the number "1" together. One piece is a round piece and the other one is a rectangular piece. The round piece is the floor for the model, while the rectangle is the stage area that goes on top of the floor. Fold the rectangle piece where indicated and glue it onto the round piece where it says "1" with white glue. The rectangle piece folded should fit into the rectangle space that says "1."

Step 4

Fold together the small piece with the number "2." This is part of the exterior ring. It is a section of the building that is like a tower. Set it aside. To the right of it is the roof section that connects to the stage. Glue it to the top of the building marked "1" that is glued to the floor marked "1."

Step 5

Look for two long pieces above the small piece marked "2." The left piece is the exterior of the circular area of the theatre, while the right piece is its interior. Glue those two pieces together by folding the tabs and applying glue to them.

Step 6

Glue the entire circular section of the theatre to the bottom floor piece that was marked "1." Fold the small piece that is marked "3." This is another exterior tower section that goes outside the circle. Glue it to the larger opening on the exterior of the ring section. Glue the smaller exterior section that was marked "2" to the circle.

Step 7

Glue the larger reddish-brown unmarked ring piece on the top outside of the theatre's circular area. Glue the smaller reddish-brown ring to the top inside portion of the theatre's circular section. Glue the the two remaining small pieces, which are roofs, to the tops of the exterior towers.


Cutting out each section as you need them may make this project easier to build. Or print out another model with regular paper as a guide to building the model.

Use a fine paintbrush to apply the glue to the tabs.


Adult supervision is needed for this project.

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