How to Make a Tyrolean Hat

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A Tyrolean hat is also known as a Bavarian hat and is very popular during Octoberfest. The traditional Tyrolean hat is made from felt with a cord wrapped around the base of the crown. One side of the hat is adorned with a feather or brush on a pin. Men wear the pin on the left and ladies on the right. Make a quick and easy no-sew Tyrolean hat with a bit of felt and fabric glue.


Tyrolean hats can be decorated with flowers too.

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Things You'll Need

  • White Feather

  • 12 By 22 Inch Piece Of Green Felt

  • 2 Clothespins

  • Decorative Pin

  • Length Of Rope Or Cord

  • Fabric Glue

Step 1

Fold the piece of felt in half so it is 12 by 11 inches.

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Step 2

Lay the folded felt flat in front of you with the folded edge at the top.

Step 3

Find and mark the center of the folded edge. Fold the two folded corners in toward the middle so the edges are touching.


Step 4

Glue these edges to the felt layer beneath.

Step 5

Fold the top layer of the bottom flap up until the lower edge meets the edge of the folds. Fold in half again so the bottom flap covers the lower edge of the folded over corners.


Step 6

Flip the hat over and fold up the other bottom flap in the same manner forming the hat band or brim.

Step 7

Run a bead of glue between the front of the hat band layers along the short edge. Hold the edges together with clothespins until set. Repeat on the back end of the hat band.


Step 8

Put the hat on your head to give the crown shape. Take off the hat and wrap the cord around the crown of the hat just above the brim. Tie or glue the ends together to secure.

Step 9

Tuck the quill of the feather inside the cord and pin to the side of the hat.

Step 10

Put on your hat and gently pull at the sides of the brim to give it some shape.



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