How to Harden Blu-Tack

Blu-Tack is known as "the original reusable adhesive." Made in Australia, these colorful strips are used to adhere items to a variety of surfaces, free of nails, tacks, tape and pins. Because Blu-Tack can be used over and over again, the substance is not quick to harden. However, there are occasions when you need Blu-Tack to become hard. For instance, Blu-Tack can be used in sculpting a craft project, but needs to be hardened for completion. In other cases, Blu-Tack can get embedded in carpeting and must be hardened for easy removal. When situations such as these arise, there are several ways to harden Blu-Tack.

Things You'll Need

  • Fast-drying enamel paint

  • Plastic bag

  • Ice cubes

  • Steel comb

Step 1

Clean and dry work surface. Tear a piece of Blu-Tack from the packaged strip. Place on surface and form as directed in craft project.

Step 2

Add a layer of fast drying enamel paint to Blu-Tack. Allow to dry and harden.

Step 3

Place ice cubes in a plastic bag. Put bag of ice on any Blu-Tack that has gotten embedded in carpet or stuck to another surface.

Step 4

Allow time for Blu-Tack to freeze. Pry off surface using a steel comb. Repeat process until Blu-Tack is thoroughly hardened and releases from the surface.

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