How to Get Rid of Spider Webs & Nests in Eaves

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Things You'll Need

  • Eye protection (sunglasses are sufficient)

  • Telescoping handle that reaches your eaves

  • Fluffy dusting brush that attaches to the handle

  • Stiff cleaning brush that screws on to the handle

  • Gloves

  • Plastic bag that seals

Cobwebs are sticky, but can be removed fairly easily from your outside home surfaces.

Spiders are beneficial insects, eating other insects that can damage landscaping or your home or even spread disease. However, many people are frightened of spiders, and removing their webs and nests from a house is an important way to provide peace of mind. Removing outdoor webs and nests can be challenging, but with the proper tools and a sunny afternoon, those webs and nests can be a thing of the past for you.


Step 1

Put on your eye protection. Even if you think there is no risk of danger to your eyes, you may knock something off the edge of your house and into your face.

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Step 2

Extend your telescoping handle to the proper length to reach the eaves and put the fluffy dusting brush on the end. Swirl the brush in the middle of the cobwebs, rolling them up like cotton candy around the brush. This should pull down the majority of the webs and nests. Sweep at least one complete pass along your eaves before removing the brush and setting it aside.

Step 3

Put the stiff bristle brush on your handle and scrub the eaves to remove any cobweb residue that may remain. Be sure to get all surfaces, horizontal and vertical, that are present to ensure you have scraped the webs and nests away.

Step 4

Remove the cobweb residue from your duster brush with your gloved hands or a vacuum cleaner. Throw out the webs and empty your vacuum cleaner into a plastic bag. Seal the plastic bag immediately to prevent a possible spider infestation inside your home.


Pesticides are generally ineffective against spiders unless sprayed on directly, so spraying your eaves won't prevent them coming back. Only regular cleaning can keep them out of the eaves.

Spiders live near food sources, so clean around house lights or locations where insects will congregate more frequently to prevent incursions.


If there are spiders in the webs, the cleaning process will cause them to run away and along the side of the house and down the pole. Be prepared.


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