How to Tell Seedless Lemons From Lemons With Seeds

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Seedless lemons can be difficult to find.

Growth in the sales of seedless fruits has increased substantially over the years. Grapes were probably one of the first fruits that growers were able to cultivate without seeds and now it can be difficult to find grapes with seeds. Lemon seeds can be annoyingly difficult to remove and if you slice a lemon to add as a garnish to a cocktail, you inevitably find a seed in your drink. However, although still relatively difficult to come across, you can buy seedless lemons.


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Step 1

Look at the display stand that contains lemons. The display will clearly state that the lemons are seedless, as the grocery store will want to promote this feature.

Step 2

Look for a variety of lemons called Armstrong, eureka, Nepali round, limoneira and yellow star. All are generally seedless varieties, although if the trees are planted near seeded varieties they can sometimes get very small seeds.


Step 3

Check the skin on the lemon. Seedless lemons typically have a very smooth skin, although having a smooth skin is not a guarantee that the lemon is seedless.