How to Get Rid of Woodchucks Naturally

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Things You'll Need

  • Scarecrows or dummies

  • Live animal trap

Repeatedly frightening woodchucks may cause them to move burrows.

Known for their large interconnecting burrows, woodchucks, also called groundhogs or whistle pigs, can cause major destruction to yards and building foundations. These large rodents are proficient diggers and true hibernators, meaning they stay within their burrows throughout the entire winter without waking up for short intervals. Woodchucks remain close to their burrows for quick escapes down the holes, so they are tough to eradicate. Industries make chemical sprays and repellents, but they contaminate the environment and have questionable effectiveness.


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Step 1

Determine where the woodchuck runs when startled.

Step 2

Remove any debris that makes the opening feel safe. Woodpiles are particularly common covers.

Step 3

Walk through the area multiple times a day to disrupt the peace and put the woodchuck on edge.

Step 4

Place scarecrows or other dummies around the area to make the woodchuck feel less safe.


Step 5

Place a live animal trap near the main entrance.

Step 6

Check the trap every few hours.

Step 7

Release the woodchuck elsewhere within 24 hours of its capture.


When in doubt, call a wildlife removal specialist to catch and release the woodchuck. Some people believe predator sprays, ultrasonic deterrents and mothballs deter woodchucks, but Professional Wildlife Removal says these devices do not work.


In some states, releasing a woodchuck requires a permit and permission from the landowners.


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