How to Get Rid of a Bird Scent Smell

Things You'll Need

  • Unscented dish soap

  • Cage liners or newspaper

  • Vacuum or broom

  • Carpet cleaner

Keep a bird cage clean to get rid of a bird smell.

If you have a pet bird, your home may have a bird odor. The best way to prevent and get rid of a bird smell is to keep the bird cage and the area underneath it clean. Some regular maintenance is needed every day, while more thorough cleanings are necessary weekly and monthly.

Step 1

Get rid of wet bird food after each meal. Wet food attracts insects and quickly can become moldy and stinky. Clean bird food dishes, bottles, and birdbaths once a day in hot, soapy water using unscented dish soap. Dry them before putting them back into the cage.

Step 2

Lay newspaper or bird-cage liners along the bottom of the cage. Dispose of the paper or liner every day. Place several layers in at once, and discard only the top layer each day.

Step 3

Vacuum or sweep under the bird cage every day to remove seeds, feathers and other debris. Place a piece of linoleum or a mat under the cage, which is easier to clean.

Step 4

Clean the cage thoroughly once a week for large or multiple birds, and at least once a month for small birds. Take everything out of the cage, including the sides, and wash the with hot, soapy water. Clean under the cage as well with hot, soapy water. If you have a carpeting under your cage, use an unscented carpet cleaner to disinfect the area, following directions on the label.


Avoid using products such as aerosol sprays and scented candles to mask the bird smell. Birds in general are sensitive and may become ill from the chemical odors.