How to Remove Foam Insulation From a Hot Tub

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Things You'll Need

  • Drywall saw

  • Chisel

  • Garbage bag

If you own a hot tub and decide to tackle a repair on your own, you may discover the tub has insulation sprayed on the bottom. This can make it difficult to find where to repair a leak or where to locate the plumbing pipes. Before you can begin the repair, you must remove the insulation, which can be a major undertaking if you have never worked on your hot tub before. Most manufacturers use urethane foam, which forms a rubber-like surface.


Step 1

Remove the frame from around the hot tub frame. Most have side panels that pull away for easy access. If your hot tub is set into a deck, you will have to get underneath the deck to access the panels.

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Step 2

Cut away large chunks of the insulation using a drywall saw. The blade will be sharp enough to cut the insulation but not sharp enough to cut plumbing pipes.

Step 3

Bag up the chunks of insulation in garbage bags to get them out of the way.

Step 4

Scrape the remaining insulation with a chisel. This can be labor intensive and take a good deal of time.


Wear a face mask to prevent inhaling any of the insulation. Be careful when scraping around the motor and wires so you do not damage anything.