How to Use Joist Hanger on LVL

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Things You'll Need

  • LVL beam installed in a home

  • Floor joists

  • Joist hangers

  • Truss nails

  • Hammer

  • 7-1/4 inch builders saw

  • Level

  • Pencil

  • Measuring tape

LVL beams carry the weight of the home and the floor joists systems.

A laminated veneer load-bearing (LVL) beam is an item used in home construction. Sometimes referred to as Micro-laminated or Microlam beams, engineered structural lumber has greatly improved home design capabilities because specific size beams can be built up from smaller pieces of lumber. The LVL beams are stronger than solid wood beams, lighter than steel beams, and do not warp like a wood beam. Metal joist hangers are used to fasten wood floor joists to the LVL beams.


Step 1

Install the LVL beam according to the building plans. The LVL beam should be supported by the concrete foundation on each end of the beam, and be supported by steel jack posts as it spans the basement.

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Step 2

Layout the placement of the floor joists along the top edge of the LVL beam, and foundation around the perimeter of the home. The floor joists are spaced 16 inches on center from one another. Draw the marks so that they match on the beam and on the foundation walls before the joists are installed.

Step 3

Fasten the joist hangers to the LVL beam across the entire length of the span. Position the joist hangers so that the top of the floor joist will be flush with the top of the beam. Most carpenters cut off a short length of floor joist, and hold the scrap in the joist hanger to properly set the hanger on the beam. Nail the joist hangers to the LVL beam with truss nails.


Step 4

Measure and cut each floor joist individually. Ideally, the floor joists would all be the same length, but due to construction irregularities, each joist should be measured and cut individually to ensure proper fit.

Step 5

Set one end of the floor joist on the foundation wall, and then set the other end of into the joist hanger. Fasten the floor joist to the hanger with truss nails, and toe-nail the other end of the joist into the foundation beam and plate. Make sure each joist is square to the beam, perfectly centered on the marks laid out in step one.


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