Natural Way to Kill Crickets

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Things You'll Need

  • Sodium vapor light bulbs

  • Cricket traps

  • Cockroach traps

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Dish

  • Water

  • Dog food

Crickets can get indoors, but are more problematic in the garden.

Crickets inhabit all areas of North America and are particularly prevalent in gardens and forests. They can be a pest to gardeners because they eat plants and create a lot of noise. Many people worry about using pesticides if there are pets in the house, but there are numerous natural methods of killing crickets.


Step 1

Remove weeds and dense vegetation from the garden. Crickets like overgrown areas with rotting plant life, their preferred food. Remove garbage in general and non-plant materials such as piles of bricks.

Step 2

Replace white outdoor lights with yellow sodium vapor ones. White lights attract all kinds of insects, including crickets, whereas yellowish bulbs are less attractive to them.

Step 3

Set cricket traps in the garden. Any plant life can be used as bait. Place the traps in areas crickets prefer such as plants and compost piles.


Step 4

Put some dog food or old vegetation in a glass and place it on a dish filled with water. The food will attract the crickets and they will drown in the water.

Step 5

Vacuum the house regularly, paying special attention to the corners of rooms and behind furniture.

Step 6

Lay out some cockroach traps indoors. These have a sticky strip of tape, which catches the crickets.


The most effective way to get rid of crickets is with a pesticide. But if you are worried about the effects on plants and pets, it is best to stick with natural methods.