How to Smooth Out Your Vector Artwork

To smooth out a vector artwork, use the Gaussian blur.
To smooth out a vector artwork, use the Gaussian blur. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

The blurry or wavy lines that outline artworks make them look like amateur graphics. If you are a professional or want to become one, you certainly want your vector artwork to look neat and sharp. To smooth out vector artworks, you need to blur the edges or to retrace them. You can use the Gaussian blur with GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. You can also use the “Smooth” tool with Adobe Illustrator and the “Node Editor” with Inkscape.

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Adobe Illustrator

Click on the “Select” tool and click on your vector artwork.

Go to “Object,” “Path” and choose “Simplify.”

Set the “Curve Precision.” Choose a number between 0 percent and 100 percent to tell the editor how closely you want the path to follow the original shape. Click “OK.”

Click the “Smooth” tool. Pull the tool over the path to smooth it out.


Open your vector in the free program GIMP.

Go to “Image,””Filters,” “Blur” and select “Gaussian Blur.”

Set the “Blur Radius” between 3 and 10 pixels both horizontally and vertically.

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Open your vector in the free graphic editor Inkscape.

Go to the “Select” tool and click on the vector.

Click on the “Edit Paths by Nodes” tool.

Select the dots you want to smooth out by clicking on them while pressing “Shift.” Click on the icon at the top of the drawing board that says “Make Selected Nodes Smooth.”

Adobe Photoshop

Click on the “Layers” tool. Click on the layer where your vector is located and press “Ctrl” at the same time.

Click on the “Channel” tab and create a new one. Click on “Edit” then “Fill” and choose white. Press “Ctrl” + “D” then click on “Filter,” “Blur” and “Gaussian Blur.” Move the arrow along to “3.” Click “Image,” “Adjustments,” “Levels” and center the two side sliders until you get the smoothness that you want.

Go back to “Channel” and click a circle icon at the bottom of the window called “'Load Channel as Selection.” Click on the “Layer” tab and create a new layer. Fill the new layer with the color you used for the vector you want to smooth out. Hide your first layer.


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