How to Repel Porcupines

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Things You'll Need

  • Fencing or wire

  • Wood preservatives

  • Pellet repellent

  • Spray repellent

Porcupines gnaw on wood and plants.

Porcupines are the world's largest rodents. They have around 30,000 sharp quills along their back to defend themselves from predators, and they weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. Porcupines have poor eyesight but keen senses of smell and hearing. Because their teeth are always growing, porcupines are always gnawing, and they can harm plants and vegetation, including trees. Porcupines can also gnaw on plywood and leather goods and damage the beams and support structures of outdoor sheds.


Step 1

Fence off gardens and trees so that porcupines cannot get to them to damage foliage. If you have a deck, make sure that porcupines cannot crawl beneath it by fencing it off or using wire to block its entry.

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Step 2

Encourage trees to grow leafy closed canopies by cutting back on tree trimming and by watering and fertilizing the trees in your yard. Closed canopies discourage porcupines from entering the area.


Step 3

Use wood preservatives on your deck and wooden outdoor structures. Wood preservatives may repel porcupines.

Step 4

Sprinkle a porcupine repellent around your yard. Non-toxic porcupine repellants, like Shake-Away, contain the scent of porcupine predators, such as the fox, and are sold in pellet form.


Step 5

Spray plants with a pest repellent. Spray repellents, like Ro-pel, give plants a bitter taste to discourage porcupines and other pests from gnawing on them.


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