How to Kill Spiders With Baking Soda

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For most people, spiders are an unwelcome house guest.

For those with arachnophobia, a spider infestation is disturbing and requires immediate attention. For homemakers looking for a non-toxic method of riding the house of spiders, baking soda presents a healthier alternative. While baking soda does not kill spiders, it does act as a powerful deterrent that helps get rid of and keep out spiders in the house. Because baking soda is non-toxic, this method is especially helpful for homemakers with pets.


Step 1

Clean the area where spiders frequent. Spiders are drawn to cluttered areas. By removing the clutter, you will get rid of spider hiding places, making them easier to drive out.

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Step 2

Sprinkle baking soda along the perimeter of the area you want to keep spiders out of or in the outline of a trail starting at the hiding spot leading outside.


Step 3

Dust baking soda around places where spiders get into the house. If you have a loose window, put baking soda on the inside window sill. This method also works for doors with a gap.

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