How to Grind Bricks

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Masonry grinders have long been used to fashion bricks into shapes for use in pathways, walls, homes and streets. Until masonry grinders became more accessible, brickmasons used chisels and hammers to cut and smooth rough brick tiles and stones into the right sizes to fit around corners. They were also used to remove brick from a structure. Masonry grinders run on electricity or gasoline. Some models come with dust covers and vacuum attachments to clean up the brick dust that results from the grinding.


Create precise brick edifices with a masonry grinder.

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Things You'll Need

  • Masonry Grinder With Diamond-Tipped Blade

  • Bricks

  • Eye Goggles

  • Ventilation Mask

  • Towel

  • Long-Sleeved Shirt

  • Work Gloves

  • Bucket

  • Water

Step 1

Don the eye goggles, ventilation mask, shirt and gloves to protect your eyes, hands, arms and lungs from the grinder's blade and the brick dust. Pour water into the bucket. Place the grinder and bricks on a workbench. Select a brick.


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Step 2

Turn on the grinder and bring it to the brick. Move it along the brick in a slow, semicircular motion from left to right over the brick's surface and edge.

Step 3

Turn off the grinder and vacuum up the dust. Dip the brick in the water and towel it dry. Examine the brick to ensure that it's smooth and in the exact shape you need. If not, turn the grinder back on and continue smoothing out the edges. Repeat the process for each brick that you need to grind.


Clean your grinder often during a project, as keeping it free of dust will maximize its performance.


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