How to Seal an Air Conditioner in Winter

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The prevailing cold of winter means that your air conditioner is not going to work during those long months. However, you can still get some cold drafts blowing into the house, especially with window-mount air conditioners. Often window-mount units can not be taken down and stored away. To prevent the cold of winter getting in through the space made for these types of air conditioner, you will have to seal the gaps around the air conditioner.


Properly seal an air conditioner to prevent the elements from getting inside your house.

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Things You'll Need

  • Insulating Cover Spread

  • Tape Measure

  • Foam Sealing Strips

  • Cover Spread With Reflective Panel

  • Knife

Step 1

Move the air conditioner in its window frame so that it occupies the center of the space.

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Step 2

Take a tape measure to measure out the width of the window frame and the length of the lumber (or other covering material) holding the air conditioner inside the window frame.

Step 3

Cut foam sealing strips (for window air conditioner units) to those lengths with a knife. Insert these sealing strips around the air conditioner to provide a tight insulation.


Step 4

Spread a cover with a reflective panel over the face of the air conditioner. This will keep the heat inside the room during the winter months. A cover that goes with your décor will provide a good blend.

Step 5

Spread a cover with a breathable material on the outside of the air conditioner to prevent premature rust of the air conditioner's components. This will keep out wind and cold during winter to make it easy to shake off the ice that would have settled on the back of the air conditioner.



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