How to String Origami Cranes

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To string origami cranes all you need are folded origami cranes, a needle, clear fishing wire and a bead to hold the bottom knot in place. Stringing cranes refers to an old Japanese legend that says that anyone who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted a wish. In modern times the 1,000 cranes are often folded to be displayed at a wedding celebration and are said to bring prosperity to a marriage.


Things You'll Need

  • Folded origami cranes

  • A long craft needle

  • Clear fishing wire

  • A small bead

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Step 1

Cut a long piece of fishing wire and thread through the needle.

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There is a balance here to be struck with the length of the fishing line: too long and you will struggle with knots and tangles, too short and you will be frustrated by having to restart. Pick a length that is workable for you. After the wire is threaded through the needle, pull it down so that it doubles up almost the whole way and this will help to keep the wire from tangling up as you add cranes.

Step 2

Thread the bead on the opposite end of the fishing wire and tie a square knot to hold it in place. The bead actually becomes your knot in the end of the wire and is big enough that it won't pull through the paper.


Step 3

Hold the first crane up and insert the needle from the bottom of the crane straight up through the top. The needle goes directly through the body of the crane. Gently pull the rest of the wire through until the crane sits gently on top of the bead.

Step 4

Follow the same procedure for the next crane. Nest the second crane gently yet snugly on top of the first crane, facing the same same direction.


Step 5

Continue threading cranes onto your chain until you have reached the desired number.

Step 6

Choose a method for displaying cranes. Many people tie the final end of wire to a coat hanger, adding additional cranes and then hanging the coat hanger up for display. Here are some additional display ideas.



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